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Of Goats and Argan

If you tour the countryside of Morocco, you may discover Argan trees. They thrive in the arid climate. What's remarkable are the goats, who climb all over the trees and teeter on the branches like expert acrobats. They eat the fruit and poo out the pits. In the olden days, the Berbers collected the pits and ground them to extract the oil, which is nutty in flavor and has tons of vitamin E. You can eat and wear the oil. Argan oil is expensive but pretty fashionable these days in the West. Cosmetics companies put the oil in all kinds of products, touting its health and beautification benefits. The manufacturing no longer involves goats, though the traditional way seems more wholesome and organic. The machines are stealing jobs even from the goats. We saw trees with multiple goats. Unfortunately, the photo below only shows one goat. But it's an arse-facing action shot, so that's pretty cool.