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Booze, Gambling, Gangsters, Flappers, and Dogs ... a Roaring Twenties Halloween

Every Halloween brings another annual fundraiser for the Amanda Foundation, our local dog & cat rescue. This was our third year working the main gig but our first time doing the group dog-walk, the pre-event to garner attention for the fundraiser. I even got my official Amanda shirt, which was akin to a superhero uniform. The moment I put it on, I felt empowered, like I had more authority to tell dogs what's what.

Every volunteer was assigned a pup to walk. I got Turner, a friendly and excitable dog. His costume was technically "king." It even came with a crown, which had zero chance of staying on, given how active he was.

At first, this was what happened when a kid saw Turner ...

"Superman!" the kid squeals.
"No no no," I say. "He's king."


Fifteen minutes later ...

"Superman!"the kid squeals.
"Yup," I sigh. "Superman."

Michelle's dog, Chikis, was the opposite of Turner. Chikis was a total la…