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Take This Waltz

Credit:  Magnolia Pictures Love is hard to do. It's hard to do it right in life. And it's hard to do it right in fiction. Most love stories on the big screen fall into one of three piles. The cheerful type, exemplified by rom-coms. The classic of this genre is When Harry Met Sally . Then there is the sad kind, e.g.  Titanic . Lastly, there is the contemplative variety, like  Take This Waltz . It is possibly my favorite movie love story of all time. Take This Waltz, Sarah Polley's 2011 indie movie starring Michelle Williams, explores romance in all its complexities, including the contradictory bits. The film is poignant but not overwrought. Thoughtful but not neurotic. Poetic but not pretentious. Perfectly crafted. Freelance writer Margot (Michelle Williams) is married to Lou (Seth Rogen). He is a cookbook author and a really swell guy, but seems to be more into his recipes than his wife. She meets Daniel (Luke Kirby), a rickshaw-driving neighbor in their quai