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I'm So Tired

Arches National Park, Utah As Donald Trump would put it, I'm a “low-energy” guy. My partner and I have been on a cross-country road trip for over five weeks, and I am homesick. Terribly. Not that the trip hasn't been interesting. It has. We have seen some beautiful sights, met many really nice people, and learned a lot. But easy it ain't. Fun? Sometimes, but not always. What were our motivations? The main one was to explore the big USA, which has many parts we know nothing about. So we revved up our little car in LA, climbed up the Rocky Mountains, cruised through the Plains, and are now dipping our toes into Lake Superior. Next we'll swing through more of Canada, see the autumn colors of New England, roll down the East Coast, dance into bluegrass country, and return through the South. (Since we already traveled through the Pacific Northwest on a previous trip, this time we're skipping that region.) The secondary reason was to scout out a new place t