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As a wee child Alex Wu was bitten by an even weer baby monkey. While trekking in Nepal, he was chased by a ferocious baby elephant. Still, he has a soft spot for animals.

During college, he labored mightily to warm the bench for his C-level intramural basketball team. It dawned on him that his lack of athleticism might prevent him from getting drafted by the NBA.

Naturally, his Plan B was law school. After practicing law in trusts & estates then working as a document reviewer, he began writing his first novel, a travel love story. His second novel is a sci-fi thriller.

He lives in the City of Angels with his wife, Michelle. The couple hopes to move to a nature-y place someday so they can adopt a dog, a donkey, a pig, a goat, four turtles, ducks, a few rats . . .

Michelle and I at the Grand Canyon