Chefchaouen, High with Marijuana

While hiking in the Rif mountains of Chefchaouen (the blue town in northern Morocco), I came across huge marijuana fields. Big, lush, and beautiful. The country is one of the earliest growers of cannabis and continues to be a robust producer of the plant. The product is commonly sold in resin form.

Though illegal in Morocco, marijuana is unlikely to go away anytime soon. A lot of poor farmers depend on the crop for their livelihoods. One estimate of the output is $10 billion, or about 10% of the nation's economy. Recently, there's been talk of legalizing the cultivation in some form.

When I think about stuff like marijuana, I'm reminded of an Ali G skit where he and an anti-drug government agent are at a table with a spread of illegal drugs. Ali G asks the agent about the effects of the drugs. With a serious demeanor, the agent talks about paranoia, racing heart, low blood pressure, wooziness ... 

Then Ali G asks earnestly, "Is there any negative effects?" 



  1. 10% of the entire economy? That's incredible. Imagine how much higher that would be if it were legal, too... damn.

    Jeff | HerbTools

  2. TBH, so many people have known the economy benefits and countries such as Holland have proved new approaches can work. HT


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