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A Slick Night In Muttley Carlo

Michelle staffing our auction table

For Halloween this year, we volunteered at the annual Amanda Foundation fundraiser. It's the animal rescue that we walk dogs for. We first did it back in 2014, when the theme was zombies. 2015 we missed because of our road trip. The 2016 theme was James Bond ... um, Bone.

I tried to go for the James Bond look in the movie Spectre, where Daniel Craig sports a black turtleneck. Minus his muscles, charm, and good looks, of course.

Michelle greeting Ginger, a volunteer's dog who won the costume contest. Pit bulls are the best. This one likes to shakes hands. 

As before, our job was to staff one of the silent auction tables, which offered items including VIP tickets to the TV show The Voice (plus a signed Miley Cyrus shirt!) and local favorites like the Magic Castle. The business was brisk, and all the items on our table got bids.

Posing with the dapper
James Bone

To make the evening extra memorable, the sky even rained a bit. Yup. This is Southern California, where earthquakes are more common than rain. If you ever feel a drop on your head, it's more likely to be a package from a pigeon than water. We've been having a drought for so long, I can't remember the last time the grass on our local street median was green.

Michelle with Scot, holding the cookbook

A highlight, aside from the dogs of course, was meeting Scot Jones, one of the talented chefs at Crossroads, a fine plant-based restaurant in Los Angeles. They were the caterer for the evening, and the line to their table was long for a good reason. We had a taste after our shift ended. The food was sooo delicious. Scot even gifted a Crossroads cookbook to Michelle. All the dishes look mouth-watering in the book, though I doubt we have the skills to pull off the recipes anywhere close to the level of the chefs.


  1. Wow, your blog theme/layout sure has changed! Looks like you guy had a great (and fashionable) time. Very fancy dogs. I hadn't realized it had been two years since the last Halloween doggie fundraiser--how time flies!

  2. Yes, I decided to try a different look. Better or worse? I can always go back.

    The velocity of time accelerates with age.

  3. What a great event! You two definitely rocked the Bond look. It ain't all tuxes and martinis. I'm just glad you didn't go for the post-beach meet-up look. Sheets are hard to drag around a party. (Tell Michelle Hi from me. :D)

  4. Oooh, what is the post-beach meet-up look? That sounds vaguely tropical and intriguing.

    And I ain't telling Michelle nothin'. I like to hoard all my friends' attention for myself. Me me me me me. Sharing is a zero-sum game for fools.


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