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Clyde and Lisi, Professional Lickers

Clyde (left) and Lisi (right). Let them close to your face, and they'll lick it like it's candy. This photo was taken right before my face was massively molested by their tongues.

At first, Lisi was tentative going up and down steps, so my partner had to carry her. Eventually the dog adjusted. Soon Lisi was hopping on and off ledges taller than herself. Showoff.

Both Clyde and Lisi are available to good homes!


  1. Awwww! They're both beautiful looking dogs! Clyde looks downright regal in that photo. You guys socializing with them will only help make them more impossible to pass by when adopters come looking. I hope they find their furever homes soon! <3

  2. When my eldest was a baby, he adored dogs, and would just start laughing whenever he saw one. I think he thought that he and dogs were the same species, because they both went around on all fours. Then one day he met a big, slobbery dog that licked him all over. I had to wipe the poor boy off afterwards.

    He still likes dogs, but he's a little more wary.

    I hope those little guys find good homes. :)


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