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Woof and Meow at the Amanda Foundation

The Amanda Foundation is a dog and cat rescue nearby. They even have a spaymobile that drives out to provide free spay and neuter services. Last weekend we attended the orientation for volunteers. We got to walk three dogs and visit the cats, including a three-legged one who's afraid of people.

Igor (left) and Ingrid (right). Ingrid is the mom, who gave birth to three boys. She only looks deceivingly ferocious here. During our walk, she was nothing but calm and friendly. Igor was rambunctious but cared a lot about mom. Whenever he walked in front, he kept glancing back to check on her. Now that's a good kid. 

Kayley. She was supposedly high energy but turned out to be quite mellow. More into sniffing everything than walking.

As of last Saturday, all three dogs were available for adoption.



  1. AWESOME! How lovely that you guys did this. As you know, I'm all about doggy and kitty bonding with our 2-legged compatriots, and you're a natural, Alex, as the photos attest. Thanks for giving your time to let the pups get out and sniff the bushes. Ain't nuttin better from the canine perspective. :-)


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