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Malala Yousafzai Doesn't Back Down

At age 15, Malala Yousafzai was shot in the face by the Taliban while riding the bus from school. All because she was an activist for the education of girls in her native Pakistan.

She didn't give up.

At age 16, she addressed the United Nations. Her poise, articulateness, and charisma would be impressive for anyone, but especially remarkable for someone that young. The entire speech is inspiring, but I especially love the force of her closing, which starts at the 16:27 mark in the video.

At age 17, she is the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. Her acceptance speech is here.

Congratulations, Malala.

(Cue the Tom Petty song.)


  1. I want to say something that's more coherent than flapping my arms and making vague, emotion-ridden noises. Forgive me if I fail.

    The Pakistanis I have had the good luck to know have all be wonderful folks. It saddens me to see how much trouble the country is having. The mindset that justifies something like shooting a girl in the face... how does that even exist? How is that even a thing that happens? And how does anyone find the strength to continue after such a horrible ordeal?

    You have my deepest respect and admiration, Ms. Yousafzai, and wish you well.


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